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  • Apple Books: Named a March 2021 "Must-Listen" Audiobook

  • Amazon Editors' Pick for Best History books in March; Amazon Book Review Highlighted Editors' Pick for International Women's Day

  • Claire L. Evans, Author of Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet:

​"An engrossing portrait of a transformative moment in Victorian medicine, when women doctors demanded the right to heal and be healed. Their battle was collective, and their hard-won triumph is ours. Women in White Coats is a timely reminder of just how many hands it takes to move mountains."

  • Rachel Vorona Cote, Author of Too Much: How Victorian Constraints Still Bind Women Today:

"Women in White Coats is a lovingly rendered, joyfully expressed history of extraordinary medical women. With a storyteller's flair, Campbell chronicles their struggles, setbacks, and stridently hard-won triumphs across decades and continents. I emerged from the book both humbled and inspired."

  • Nina Sankovitch, Author of American Rebels: How the Hancock, Adams, and Quincy Families Fanned the Flames of Revolution:

"A fascinating, absorbing, and inspiring account of three women who set out to become doctors at a time when female doctors were desperately needed but hard to find. By overcoming obstacles of professional discrimination, personal heartaches, and societal suspicions, these women realized their dreams and changed the world."

Praise: Women in White Coats: Work
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